Sunday, April 18, 2010


I have been dealing with addiction really bad recently. I wont describe what I was addicted to but lets just say it is tough to deal with. I am doing my very best in order to stop the actions I have been making that have been the things keeping me addicted. But, I am trying my best to stop them all together so that I can have a "normal" life. I feel that I have let down everyone around me and it is difficult to feel that way. What I am doing is moving forward with it though. I know that I have hurt them, but I have only hurt myself more. I am going to keep hitting the school books hard and graduate in my field of choice.

Beyond my addiction, I have been talking with a dear friend of mine. I feel that I will have a chance to be her man, at some point. But only when she is ready. So, we have been talking and keeping the perspective of "who knows what could come from our friendship." I hope that things continue to go how they have been going and getting better. I do still love her and would be so happy to see her happy and equal with me in a relationship. I would love to be her man, but we will have to see how things transpire.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I know I am not the best looking, the best at sports or any of that shit. But I am loving, compassionate, funny, fun, random and intelligent. I had this revealed to me just the other day. It is fairly depressing, but it is fairly true. I will never be able to date the super model because I do no meet her standards and I wouldn't date someone who has less than I do. So, it appears that I am doomed. But, I will trudge forward through the fields of battle with whatever weapon I choose to wield and continue on my way.

HordeStarscream out.